Welcome to the

Aroma Freedom Transformation Club

hosted by Dr. Benjamin Perkus

Membership Benefits:

Experience breakthroughs in wellness, relationships, and success

Learn the Aroma Freedom Techniques for use on yourself, family, friends and team

Participate in monthly live webinars with Dr. Perkus

Access previous webinars

Now available free to those in the Club - 

"Experience Aroma Freedom" 

This video walks you through a complete Aroma Freedom session with Dr. Perkus

Bring your Young Living Oils and follow along!

Previous Webinars included with your membership:

  • Growing your Young Living Business with Aroma Freedom

    • Identify and release your biggest blocks to success with your business
    • Find ways to stay in action daily
    • Learn how to introduce people to Young Living using Aroma Freedom tools
    • ...and much more
  • How to Thrive through Emotional Detox

    • With special guest Dr. Peter Minke, Molecular Cell Biologist and Young Living Educator
    • The Physiology of Emotional Detox
    • How to support Detox through supplements and lifestyle
    • Experience a "memory resolution" process with Dr. Perkus
  • Becoming Unstoppable with Aroma Boost

    • Discover what stops people from reaching their highest potential
    • Learn the story and theory behind the Aroma Boost Technique
    • Experience a full Aroma Boost Session

Club activities include:

Monthly Online Gatherings

      You will be able to follow along on the webinars by Dr. Perkus and special guests.  Bring your Young Living Essential Oils and experience the clearings and freedom that comes from releasing negative thoughts, feelings and memories.

    Community Engagement

      We are building a community of passionate and inspired people who are learning to release limitations, become empowered, and achieve their goals.  As part of the club you will be able to have conversations with other members, learn from each other, and share your results as well.


        We will do periodic "challenges" to provide the motivation and drive to overcome inertia and reach milestones and goals.  Whether it is an Aroma Boost daily challenge or a group manifestation meditation, we all improve when we encourage and inspire each other to progress.


        No Contracts.  You can cancel any time, however there are no refunds for purchased months.

        Monthly Club Membership


        1 week free, then just




        Access "Experience Aroma Freedom" video

        Access previous club webinars

        Monthly Online Gatherings

        Community Interaction

        Yearly Club Membership




        per year - save $119 

        Access "Experience Aroma Freedom" video

        Access previous club webinars

        Monthly Online Gatherings

        Community Interaction

        "The Aroma Freedom Transformation Club is for people who are looking to create change and growth in their lives.  By learning how to manage our own mental and emotional reactions, we open the opportunity to lead others into their own mastery."  

        Dr. Benjamin Perkus

        Founder, Aroma Freedom


        Is this club the same as a certification?

        Do I need to use Young Living Essential Oils to participate in this Club?

        What is the cancellation and refund policy?