Self-Guided Course


"Six Weeks to

Self Love"

What we will cover:

  • Week 1 - Self-Acceptance:


    Do I accept myself right now, even as I work to improve and grow?  Do I love myself and who I am becoming?

  • Week 2 - Self-Care/Self-Discipline:


    What do I do to take care of myself?  Do I create routines and rhythms for self care? Do I love myself enough to choose what I need over what I want?

  • Week 3 - Self-Confidence:


    Am I confident enough to ask for what I want and need?  Do I hold back from what I know I need to do? Do I believe in myself?

  • Week 4 - Self-Esteem/Self-Worth:


    Am I worth it?  Am I enough?  Do I deserve to be happy? How do I feel about my accomplishments and my identity?

  • Week 5 - Self-Forgiveness:


    Have I let go of any actions or inactions that I still regret?  Do I criticize myself for past mistakes?  Am I free to move forward?

  • Week 6 - Self-Expression:


    Do I express myself sincerely and openly?  Am I willing to be seen?  Do I let my life be an expression of my deepest values?

Each session is conducted by Dr. Perkus.  During each class he introduces the topic and concepts, and then leads you through an Aroma Freedom clearing process.  


Young Living Oils to have on hand: Lavender, Frankincense, Stress Away, Inner Child, Release, Transformation or Believe


You can go through the modules at your own pace - either weekly like the original students did, or faster or slower as you need.  You can also go back and experience each clearing multiple times, and have access to the trainings for as long as you need them.



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About Your Instructor

Dr. Benjamin Perkus


Creator of The Aroma Freedom Technique

Dr. Perkus has integrated over 20 years of clinical experience with 18 years of aromatherapy use.  The Aroma Freedom Technique combines the best of the techniques he has learned over the years into an entirely new system that has been shown to be highly effective and gentle in identifying and releasing negative thoughts, feelings, and memories.  There are now certified practitioners in 49 states and 23 countries.

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