Aroma Freedom Practitioners Club

For Students and Certified Aroma Freedom Practitioners.

What is the Aroma Freedom Practitioners Club?

This club is an educational resource for Certified Practitioners and Practitioner Students.  It includes a monthly webinar with Dr. Perkus covering various aspects of being a practitioner, including skill development, practice building, personal and professional growth.


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Monthly Webinars

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Next Webinar:

"Changing Habits with Aroma Freedom"

Tuesday, June 9 at 8pm EDT

In the webinar, we will discuss:


How habits are made and broken, and strategies for using Aroma Freedom to shift them

See the list of previous webinars available to members:

  • Practitioners Business Mastermind

    Strategies for sending oil samples, How Dr. Perkus Creates New Classes, Demo of Aroma Clear for groups

  • Coping and Creating in Uncertain Times

    Beginning to deal with COVID

  • Variations of the Inner Voice

    Demonstration of latest methods

  • Goal Setting and Strategy Development in 2020

    Goal Setting and Clearing for the New Year

  • Practitioners Round Table

    Round-table discussion of what practitioners are currently doing and group clearing.

  • Emotional Detox Webinar

    Special webinar led by Dr. Perkus and Dr. Peter Minke discussing the phenomenon of "Emotional Detox", how releasing emotional patterns can affect physical detox patterns, and how to support the body and mind during this process.

  • Entry Points for Aroma Freedom Sessions

    How to start Aroma Freedom Sessions, demonstration of the "goal-less" session, and clearing led by Dr. Perkus

  • Clarifying your Practitioner Vision and Action Plan

    Round-table discussion of what practitioners are currently doing, oils meditation to get into a settled, clear space in order to allow a higher vision to emerge, and Aroma Freedom Clearing led by Dr. Perkus

  • Aroma Boost for Practitioners

    Learn the story and theory behind the Aroma Boost Technique, how to apply them, and how to integrate it into your Aroma Freedom Sessions

  • Other Upcoming Webinar Topics:

  • Aroma Freedom and Psychotherapy

  • Using Aroma Freedom to Grow Young Living Business

  • Session Reviews

  • Practice Building Challenge

  • Aroma Freedom and Coaching

"The Aroma Freedom Practitioners Mastermind is for Practitioners who are committed to personal and professional growth.  Getting certified is the first step in a lifelong journey of transforming others lives and changing the world.  The future is uncharted - and the Practitioners Mastermind is how we stay connected and support each other on this path."

Dr. Benjamin Perkus

Founder, Aroma Freedom

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