In honor of Young Living ONE convention...

Special Webinar this Tuesday, June 23, 2020

"Finding Oneness in a Divided World"


Teaching and Aroma Freedom Clearing with Dr. Benjamin Perkus


  • Race vs. Race
  • Mask vs. No-Mask
  • Rules vs. Freedom
  • Individual vs. Collective

...where will it end?


Webinar Starts at

8pm EST on Tuesday, June 23


Dr. Benjamin Perkus, creator of The Aroma Freedom Technique, will lead a discussion of what may be dividing us in today's world, and how to find the source of distress in our own awareness of separation.


We will discuss:

  • Where prejudice and "us vs them" mentality comes from
  • The connection between trauma and attitudes of separation
  • How to find where you are separating yourself from others
  • The way back to oneness


Dr. Perkus will then lead you on an Aroma Freedom Technique journey using your own Young Living oils right from home, so that you can feel relieved, safe, connected, and empowered to live in a loving way in the world.


Dr. Benjamin Perkus

Licensed Psychologist, YL Platinum, and

Creator of The Aroma Freedom Technique

Dr. Perkus combined over 20 years of clinical experience with over 15 years as a Young Living leader to create a unique system for dissolving negative thoughts, feelings, and memories using Young Living oils combined with specific focusing techniques.  Certified Aroma Freedom Practitioners are now changing lives in 49 states and 23 countries.