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The Aroma Boost brings an important advance in our understanding of how to get and stay motivated daily


Dr. Benjamin Perkus, found of Aroma Freedom

  • Fast Process: Takes just 5-15 minutes to use this process everyday.

  • Easy to Learn: Once you know all the steps, you will be "boosting" yourself daily!

  • Scientifically Based: All of the steps of the Aroma Boost were chosen by Dr. Perkus because they conform to known neuroscientific principles.

  • Motivate yourself and your team: By getting yourself and your team into inspired and empowered action, results will skyrocket!

I had another breakthrough from the “Boost” last night around my comfort level on the highway going through orange cone construction areas. It was amazing. It is not merely a boost it a Breakthrough!!!!

Anne Starke Hummeldorf

Thinking about calling my prospects tomorrow, I am not having any anxiety and I am excited about making my calls. It has been a serious issue lately and I feel so much more comfortable about it. So thank you!

Quin Stringham